5 Reasons Why You Should Make Birthday Cards Yourself

We’ve all been there – rushing to the supermarket to get a birthday card at the last minute, and promising ourselves that we won’t make the same mistake next year and give ourselves more time. But it’s a trap which is so easy to fall into. And it’s all down to the ready availability of cards in our local shops and supermarkets, as well as card sites which let you ‘customise’ your card and dispatch them at the click of a button.

Most birthday cards we see on the shelf in our local card shops are terrible, and we all know that. So why do we bother with them? It’s not always down to doing things last minute. Even when we have enough time, many of us tend to just settle for the least offensive card we can find among the racks.

However, there is an alternative to buying tacky cards – and that’s making them yourself. Here are five reasons why crafting your own birthday cards is much better than scouring the shelves at your local card franchise:

1. Personal Touch

All of the cards on offer in the shops are made for a demographic. Not for a specific person. Sometimes shop-bought birthday cards will feature a specific landmark age, or a first name, but that’s about as personal as they get. Making your own card gives you the edge in this respect. Not only can you address your recipient by name, but you can also tailor the theme to their specific interests, and use colour schemes or photos you know they will like.

2. Cost

Shop-bought cards are not cheap, especially for what they are. Hand-crafting your own may incur some initial costs for materials and equipment, and specialist tools such as die-cutting machines may set you back a little bit. But once you have these items, you’ve got them, and can use them over and over again. By making your own cards regularly, you’ll save money in the long run.

3. Appreciation

Without a doubt, a hand-crafted card will always be cherished more than a shop-bought card. The effort you’ve put into making your own card won’t go unnoticed by your recipient.

4. It’s Bound to be New

Making your own card gives you a chance to come up with something new and up-to-date. Many card manufacturers recycle their old ideas and put them out year after year – but by making your own card, you’re guaranteeing that your recipient something they haven’t seen before.

5. Participation

For crafters, the act of making the card itself is something to be savoured and enjoyed. There’s little (if any) satisfaction in picking something off a shelf and just writing someone’s name in it. Card-crafting provides the sender with a sense of achievement, as well as being creatively fulfilling. And if your card is for someone in your family, you can always get your kids involved in the creative process too, with paints and glitter. Just be prepared to clean up a little mess afterwards!

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This article is written by Steve, who works for Craftsite. Craftsite offer card making supplies in the UK. On his days off, Steve enjoys visiting museums and national parks across the country.