3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting A Studio Style Photobooth

If you have been searching around for a photobooth to rent for quite some time then you’ve probably come across two types of booths i.e. traditional also known as classic photobooths and studio style booths, commonly referred to as CrazyBooths. While both these booths have a very similar concept but the way in which they execute taking pictures and handle people within the booth is very different.

Classic photobooths are assembled or constructed to be an all in one box that holds guests, takes pictures, provides print outs and fires a flash, then prints out a strip of photos immediately. There is no outside input required for it to function. Studio booths on the other hand are great for parties, they consist of a studio backdrop with strobe lights, a tripod mounted camera, LCD TV, remote control, a printer and laptop which prints out the strips.

As you can probably already figure out each design mentioned above has its own weaknesses and strengths. Both these designs will provide your guests with an excellent source of entertainment and, provide you with lots of captured photos of the event. However, if you want great photo quality in addition to other types of functionality then a studio photobooth makes more sense.

Reason no. 1: There is more space for more people

Perhaps one of the biggest advantage of hiring a booth that has a studio style design is that it has more space. Compared to traditional photobooths that hardly measure 40”x 60”, a studio booth measures a whopping 96” x 120”. The extra space allows for better group pictures something that is a welcome addition to any party or wedding venue provided that there is space to house the large booth. The extra space means that there is no need for people to spend time deciding who should be a part of a group picture, and still feeling bad that a few people had to be left out. On average a studio style photobooth can easily accommodate up to 14 people.

Reason no. 2: Having more space means more creativity

Now, having extra space does not just allow for you to cram in more people but there are other advantages too like giving you more creative possibilities something that you’re fairly limited with a traditional booth. You can practically think outside the box with a studio booth, for instance, you can use larger props, hang upside down etc., giving you more flexibility. You can also opt to change the lighting by bringing in an extra strobe light or a different colored light. All of this will change the way your photos look.

Reason no. 3: You get better quality with studio booths

More space in a photobooth is directly proportional to much better quality pictures. The reason being that you have the ability to change the light source by moving it slightly to the side, you can also soften pictures with a big light modifier, plus you can give your images and photos a 3D effect by photographing everyone there from different angles.

One really good technique used to get great photos from a studio style photobooth is to place your flash a bit off the axis from the camera. Even though this is something you can do with a traditionally small booth but its physical space restricts how much the flash can be moved. If anything your photos look over exposed in smaller sized booths.

The extra space that you enjoy when you rent a studio photobooth means that you are able to change the way everyone in the booth looks and how the lighting works. You can tweak the shadows, highlights, flash times, strobe lights etc., which makes everything more fun, artistic, not to mention better quality photos.

However, studio photobooths are known to be slightly more expensive than their standard counterparts. That said they are not too expensive, if anything you can expect to pay just 30% more than what you’ll pay for a regular booth but you get various other freebies with the booth like complimentary props, flash lights etc. Make sure that you find out from the hire company what freebies you will get with a larger booth. There are some companies that offer packages that are cheaper provided that it suits your event.

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