Fun Holiday Wood Work Projects

Every parent knows that familiar feeling of dread when their children are at home on holiday, how are you going to entertain them? While it would be nice to take them out shopping, to the movies and to visit friends, the reality is that you do not have the time or money to do that all summer long.

So, instead of having bored and whining children sitting around the home for two months, why not get creative and let have fun and create something useful at the same time? Here are some fun wood work projects for your kids this holiday season:

Designer art on wood: For this project, all you need is some scrap pieces of wood, a stencil and some paint. Take a few old pieces of wood, sand them down and then nail them together. Once you have prepared the wood properly, let your kids have fun painting different shapes and images onto the wooden board. This project will allow them have fun creating artwork and can also double up as Christmas gifts for friends and family come Christmas – a win-win for both you and the kids.

Portable toy box: Tired of tripping over your kid’s toys, why not let them built a portable toy box. This way they can take their toys with them anywhere around the house, without leaving a gigantic mess behind them. All you need is a wooden crate – which you can either choose to make or purchase –, some paint and a set of wheels to add underneath.

Wooden candle holders: Not sure what you should do with the thick branches you cut down in your garden? Why not transform them into candle holders? The easiest way to make the hole is with a spade bit – just be sure that you have a firm grasp on the branch to prevent it from spinning around.

Once you have created a hole for the candle, sand down the branch – to avoid any splinters from sticking out – and then let your children decorate the wood. Once completed, add a candle and set them around your home or give them to friends and family as gifts.

Wooden wall clocks: Let your children have fun decorating their own wooden wall clock that they can hang in their room. Once they have decorated the clock, get them to stick on the numbers and fix the hands and clock battery carefully into place. Once they have finishes creating their master piece, add a hook at the back, pop in a battery and then let them mount it on their bedroom wall.

Book Shelf: A book shelf is handy for kids to keep all their story books and school work books. Before creating a book shelf, be sure to measure the space available in their room and then buy the wood to fit that size. Once you have all the wood, help your children build their own bookcase and then let them have fun decorating it. 

When working with wood, you need to always sand it down carefully – making sure that you do not create any uneven bumps or splinters – and varnish it before decorating it. Once the wood is properly prepared, let your kids have fun creating their own wood work creations.

I am Greg Jones: a business owner, father and wood work lover. I recently made use of old tapered poles to build a sand box for my youngest child. I can now work from home in peace, knowing my child is having fun and doing so in a safe manner.