5 Jobs Hiring for the Summer where you can find ?

If you’re looking for work this summer, there are plenty of positions that need a little extra help between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Certain industries see a huge increase in demand during the summer months thanks to the warm weather and children being out of school. So whatever your skill sets or future career goals, chances are you can find a position this summer.

Here are five jobs to consider this summer:

  1. Construction - In most places throughout the country, summer is prime time for construction work, and construction companies are usually looking for several able bodies to help them keep up with demand. If you can stand a little bit of heat, long hours, and laborious work, then this might be the perfect summer job for you.
  2. Landscaping - As the weather gets better and people start mulling about outside, many homeowners start to focus more on how their property looks. Anyone who has summer barbecues, pool parties, or bonfires typically wants their yards to look nice and clean for their guests, but they usually don’t want to do the work - that’s where landscaping companies come in. Performing every duty from mowing grass and trimming trees to planting flowers and arranging stone steps, you can work for a landscaping company this summer to help people clean up their property.
  3. Amusement parks - Going to an amusement park is a favorite pastime for many families and summer is the perfect time to take a little family vacation. Amusement parks hire hundreds of people throughout the summer to keep up with demand, and they need everything from food cart workers and bartenders to ride operators and show performers. So whatever your talents are, chances are you could find a job that suits you at an amusement park.
  4. Tanning salons - This one is kind of a mystery, as you would think that people would just sit outside during the summer in order to get tan, but many people like to visit a tanning salon before they hit the beach so they look tan upon arrival and can avoid any harmful UV rays coming directly from the sun. If you’re looking for a more comfortable summer job, you can help out in an air-conditioned tanning salon, running the cash register and teaching people how to use the tanning beds or get their first spray tans.
  5. Local government - Most local governments provide a number of summer programs for children and adults alike so everyone can stay occupied for a few months. You might be able to find a job at the public pool, for the children’s theater, in the public library, or for a senior citizen’s activities committee.
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