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Six Lines Guaranteed to Ruin a First Date

So you’re going on a first date with a new guy. Do you potentially want to have a second? If you do, don’t say any of these six things, or he’ll probably never call you again.
couplelove “My ex is totally crazy. He will not stop calling me.”
Never bring up your ex on a first date. It’s a major turn-off, and it makes it seem as though you’re not over him yet (and you’re probably not if you’re still talking about him). Besides that, who wants to get involved with someone who has unfinished business with their ex? No matter how much a guy likes you, he’s not going to want a second date if one day he might have to deal with a crazy ex.
“I hope to be married five years from now.”

This will scare away any guy quickly – even guys who also want to get married sometime in the not-too-distant future. This statement is putting pressure on him already to be “marriage material.” It also seems as though finding your soul mate is a task with a rigid deadline, not a fun process like it should be.
“I’m not sure that hairstyle is right for you.”
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Did he ask you his opinion of his looks? No. So why do you feel so compelled to give your critique? Even if he asked you, this is still just a first date. Be nice, and save the no-holds-barred answers for when you’re a couple. Commenting on his looks in any way that’s not positive will make him uncomfortable and hurt his feelings. You would be offended if he said something like that to you, so don’t do it to him.
“I always vote Democrat. What about you?”

Topics like politics and religion are very hefty, personal subjects. They can raise a lot of emotions, and they’re just not things you should be discussing on a first date. Your date’s political leaning shouldn’t matter so much to you, and you don’t want to risk getting into a heated debate when you barely know each other. Stick to lighter topics, and worry about stuff like this later.
“What do you think about me so far?”
This question is like the kiss of death for a first date. Maybe he liked you a lot before you asked him, but now he thinks maybe you’re a little too insecure. Don’t put him on the spot. It’s a first date, so you can’t expect him to have a well-developed opinion of you yet. He’s still getting to know you. And what if he thinks you’re boring or obnoxious? Wait and let whether or not he calls you for a second date tell you how he feels.
“I’m so broke right now.”
Don’t discuss your financial situation on a first date, especially if it’s grim. He doesn’t want to hear about your money problems. If he thinks you’re bad at managing your money, he might think you’re not responsible or mature enough for a relationship.
Michelle Leigh is a self described 'relationship expert' and freelance writer who enjoys blogging about a variety of topics from men to cosmetics brushes. She is an experienced dater and knows exactly what not to say if you want to keep things going!