Affordable Quality Kit Homes

exteriors_1280377087Kit homes can be the answer to building a new home without the high cost. Also known as prefabricated houses, the construction of many of the parts are done off-site then delivered in sections.
This can make assembly, rather than building from scratch, more cost-effective with less labor and wasted material. An entire shell can be completed or panels that easily fit together are the most popular options. The homeowner is then free to contract plumbers, electricians and construction finishers to complete the job. Constructed of steel or wood frames, kit homes can be just as durable as custom-built homes.

There is a terrific selection of kit homes that range from traditional to contemporary or modern. Many designs have been created by award-winning architects and can be small or large. Log cabins, dome homes, A-Frames, or huge colonials are a few examples of what you can discover by browsing respectable companies that create quality sections and shells from good building materials. It is even possible to purchase two or more small modular frames and create your own custom design.
The difference in cost between kit homes and custom built homes can be very affordable. It is estimated that there is as much as 85% of material waste when contracting a new construction not to mention the huge amount of labor. It is possible to save 50% in making the decision to buy a prefabricated home if most of the interior work is done yourself. You also have the option to shop around for carpeting, paint, fixtures and other interior materials that would otherwise be provided in the price of a newly constructed home.
Many homeowners are looking at kit homes as a way to utilize green energy by customizing a home with solar sky lights, extra insulation or environmentally friendly walls and floors. Bamboo, cork, concrete and other materials can create a natural environment while being energy-efficient when you begin with a kit home. Most kit home manufacturers are quite helpful in offering references for designers and contractors if you know what you want but need a little help in putting it all together.
A lot has changed since the first kit homes made their debut in 1908 but many of these models are still standing and occupied. Building sections for a home in a controlled location saves time, money and waste. With the hundreds of choices now available, there is no reason why a prefabricated home cannot be the beginning of your own custom home. Look at the different models that can become your dream home or build that fantastic retreat in the mountains or beside a beautiful secluded lake.