Haircut Tricks That Minimize Imperfections

Everyone wants their hair to look good, as it frames the face and is one of the first things we notice about people. With the right haircut and style, shortcomings disappear and overall features appear closer to the generally desired oval face shape. Balance is the key, and by using the hair-stylists tricks of the trade it is easy to acquire a more balanced appearance.


For example, to counter-balance a narrow or pointed chin, adding shorter layers at the same level will soften and draw the eye away from an angular or sharp jaw line. Using a razor to feather some of the hair ends at this level will also add softness. The thing you would not want to do is to cut the hair in a blunt, straight cut, which would only add to the sharpness of the jaw and chin line. These are horizontal visual aids, but the length of the hair can also make vertical adjustments. Long hair will make a tall person appear taller. Likewise, short and curly hair will add visual weight to a heavy-set person.

Straight hair cut to be all one length will cause the hair to lay flatter under its own weight. This is the desired effect for someone who has very thick hair, or a wide face. Most people with wide facial areas will find their forehead or their jaw line is the only wide area. The other area may be average or narrow. Layered hair creates volume and therefore visual width that will balance the narrow area. Additionally, layered hair will show any natural curl far better than hair cut to one length.

Considering various factors such as natural hair thickness and curl, facial structure, body shape, age and the amount of time desirable for hair care each day, will help ensure a great haircut. One mistake many people make, especially women, is to keep the long hairstyle that they wore in their youth into middle age and beyond. This adds years to the appearance, and is much more difficult to care for than shorter, bouncier cuts. Slight layering adds movement or volume, depending on which way the layering goes - undercut or beveled outward.

There are also tricks to make thin hair fuller, one of which is the use of hair extensions. These may cost a bit more initially, but the look and lasting wear-ability is worth it for lots of women on the go. Hair extensions are becoming more popular and are available in synthetic varieties at a lesser cost.