Dealing With Ridge Vent Problems - Fixing Problems

Heating and air technicians, as well as skilled roofers play a vital role in the maintenance of your home's comfort level. Technological advancements have led to new roofing methods, such as the placement of ridge vents. The latter are designed to promote proper airflow. However, if they are not functioning appropriately, it can result in damage to your roof.
Often, roofing companies will install a ridge vent, which is a vent installed along the peak of a residential roof's shingles. Such vents provide a way for humid, hot air to escape the attic of the home. As an additional benefit, the vents also offer a way for cool air to enter the home and lower the attic's temperature. They are durable enough to withstand a certain amount of rain and high winds, but if they become broken, damage to your attic and roof will result.
Fixing Ridge Vent Problems
If you are experiencing leaks after heavy rains, you may have ridge vent problems. If this is the case, it is essential to discover the source of the problem quickly and remedy it before damage occurs. This is because the latter may be very expensive to repair. Therefore, the first step you must take is to determine the source of the leak.
The room in which visible water damage can be seen may not be the only room where such damage has occurred. Therefore, it is important to inspect every room carefully in order to determine potential sources of the damage. When attempting to discover this, do not forget to check the attic. If the vents cannot be seen from where you are, and list the help of a friend or family member to spray water from the ground into the vent.
After you have located the ridge vent problem from the attic's interior, measure the spot from two connected walls so that the faulty vent can be isolated. This area should be coordinated from the exterior as well. While this may not give you an exact location due to overhangs and walls, it will at least indicate the general area in which the leak has occurred.
Fixing Ridge Vent Problems
The leaks can be fixed once they have been isolated, and this can be done with a caulking gun. The latter is used to apply roof cement to the vent's seam. However,there may also be leaks around cracks or exposed nail heads, as well as discolored or damage shingles. If these are discovered, they should also be treated with an application of roofing cement. To ensure that you have sealed the leak properly, look for water spots immediately after the next rain.
Safety Considerations
Anyone working on a rooftop must make safety a priority. Taking shortcuts at the risk of bodily harm is never good idea. A properly working ladder is essential, and must be a model that offers an appropriate reach and adequate support.
Most home improvement experts state that the best choice is a three-point rule when you are on the roof or the ladder itself. This essentially means that three areas of your body should have contact with the roof or ladder at all times. This is because wet shingles can be very slippery and create potential safety hazard. For this reason, extreme caution should be taken.
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