Healthy and Happy Kitchens without Catastrophe

One of the greatest rewards of having a home is the ability to entertain friends and family. In most homes, the kitchen remains one of the best places to gather. Whether sharing secrets over coffee or making your love breakfast in bed – the kitchen can be a place where dreams and memories are made. But the kitchen is also one of the most accident-ridden locations in the home. When preparing meals you not only have to concern yourself with food safety you also need to watch out for other hidden dangers. Here are a few to review in order to make your kitchen time a healthy and happy one.
Food Prep
Various bacteria are sadly alive and well, particularly in the kitchen. In order to keep you and your guests safe you must be diligent in following food safety precautions. Many meat and seafood packages will offer food handling tips, and the better cookbooks do, too. Also be sure to cook all foods to the temperature required for safety. And beware of transferring bacterium from one item to another by using utensils for multiple foods while cooking. Cross-contamination with utensils can also cause serious trouble for people with allergies so remember to check with guests before planning the meal. And remember that all surfaces and appliances should be cleaned before, during and after cooking, as well.
Equipment Safety
Cooking equipment can actually also cause a world of hurt if you're not careful. Not only are kitchens stocked with sharp instruments, many are also equipped with gas stoves that can deadly if they have a gas leak that you aren't aware of. When first acquiring a chopper, stove, etc, be sure to always read the safety manual before using. Also note that it's imperative that you unplug items with sharp blades before cleaning and be careful to keep electrical items away from water. Be careful to avoid burns and kitchen fires as well by always being aware of your surroundings and situations.
Knife Safety
As mentioned, cross-contamination with utensils can cause great illness or an allergic reaction. Also remember that the cutting ability of knives should be respected at all times. It's wise to also keep sharp items well out of reach from children, both to protect the young residents of the home but also any guests that may be visiting as well. When preparing for a party it might seem like a fun idea to start drinking while cooking, but be careful to keep everything in moderation so that you don't increase your odds of an accident in the kitchen.
One's kitchen is often the heart-place of a home, and with good reason. But it is also one that requires awareness and diligence in order to enjoy the space safely. Remember to show care in a room that adds such enjoyment to your home – stay safe and happy cooking!
Written by Erin Nolan. Did you suffer a kitchen accident? File a claim here: