Experimenting my Whole Life- Margaret Katherine Dempsey

I'm Maggie!
After living on both coasts of this country and lots of cities and towns in between, I've settled down and currently live on Martha's Vineyard with my boyfriend of three years and two amazingly cute ginger kitties named Charlie and Butters.
I'm obsessed with crafting, videogames and Harry Potter... No, really! :) I love to craft and make things with my hands.
Apart from running my shop on Etsy, I'm an amateur nature photographer, I love taking photos of all the flowers and wildlife here on this island. I'm also an award-winning baker who's happiest spending an afternoon in the kitchen with a cup of tea, a friend, some good tunes and a great recipe or crochet project in front of me.
Your Shop Name

-Where are you originally from?I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio but I've lived all over the country. I've lived in Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, you name it.
-How did you choose the lovely name for your Shop?
Photo_on_2012_04_15_at_16Beach plums, or Prunus maritima, are a native plant to the island. Their signature blossoms line the toe paths to our beaches and shores. Native Americans and locals have been gathering beach plums for centuries. I love the scenic, rustic splendor of the island - and the simple, fragrant, floral beach plum was my inspiration for this shop.
Do you sell your products in many places ? tell us some of them ?
Etsy is my first shop ever! I would like to find some boutiques who like my items and sell there.
-How did you find the site who you sell and who it this (name) ? How long have you been selling on this site ?
I heard about this via the On Fire for Handmade Team on Etsy! They are wonderful, motivated, talented Etsy artisans, I love their work and when they suggested that I submit my shop here, I jumped at the chance!
-How would you describe your style? Have any other artists etc influenced your style?
My style is very soft, whimsical, feminine and floral. I draw inspiration from the beautiful place where I live - Martha's Vineyard.
- How did you first come to art and creativity? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?
I've always been an artist at heart. I was a natural musician and by the age of 15, I was able to play 8 different instruments. I loved theatre, live music and the arts. I was very much a typical geeky art kid in high school.
-How long have you been creating?
I've been learning and experimenting my whole life. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, and I never put that away. I started to make hemp and bamboo beaded jewelry when I was in junior high, and loved that too.
While I had to put some of these things away while I was in college and working my first few jobs, now that I have lots of free time and the peace and quiet of the island, I find its just a natural flow of creativity. It's ceaseless.
-What is it that you love so much?
Some things just get inside you, and give you such intense satisfaction upon completion that you never want to stop. With each new piece of jewelry or new headband I create, I feel such joy in thinking of who might put this to use, or who might truly love it. The act of creation, and sharing it with others is really wonderful.
-What are your main sources of inspiration?
This place is so quiet and full of life. Deer roam across the meadow in my yard each evening, and the birds sing me awake each morning. There are so many flowers, trees and plants, so many colors in the sky and sea, in the sand and in the surf, I can't help but feel moved to create.
Whether it is a sunset over the ocean, or spring flowers coming up in the fields, there is always some gorgeous, natural feat to be amazed and inspired by.
-Have you had any mentors, or are you self taught?
My grandma and the internet have a lot to do with my success. I had a hard time learning from books, but between some real life tutelage from my loving grandmother, and seeing videos of people ACTUALLY doing beadweaving and crochet - rather than attempting to interperet it from diagrams in dusty old pattern books, it just clicked for me. Thanks, YouTube! Thanks, Grandma Emma! :)
-Do you sell more at one time of year than others?
Holidays and cold weather are my best selling times. People love to buy scarves and headbands and hats for themselves and for others especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
-What is one thing about your creative process that you think most people don't know?
The pure joy and love that I put into each stroke. I never make something just to sell - everything I do is inspired and made with care.
Because this isn't my "job" - it is my hobby and my labor of love - I don't feel as though it is work. Therefore everything I create is fun, new and exciting. Some of the things I make I end up very tempted to keep for myself, because I like it so much! Sometimes I do, but most often I leave it up in my shop, so I can share this joy with others.
Have some tips and advices for new artisians ?
Patience and practice!
Make sure you are practicing the correct way, too! Practice does not make perfect - practice makes PERMANENT. Make sure you always doing your best.